Control the Flow of Text with Pagination Settings

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Microsoft Word will control the flow of text across pages automatically using a number of settings. These include the paper size, the printer you are using and the margin sizes.

Another factor that will affect the flow of text across pages are each paragraphs pagination settings.The pagination settings are used to control how a paragraph breaks across pages.

Using Pagination Settings

To find the pagination settings in Word 2003, click Format > Paragraph and then click the Line and Page Breaks tab.

In Word 2007 and 2010, click the Dialogue Box Launcher arrow in the corner of the Paragraph group on the Home tab. And then select the Line and Page Breaks tab.

Open the Paragraph dialogue box

The four options under the Pagination heading control the behaviour of a paragraph when breaking across pages.

Pagination setting in Word

Widow/Orphan Control

Prevents the first line of a paragraph left alone at the bottom of a page, or the last line of a paragraph placed alone at the top of the following page. This setting is turned on by default as it is always useful.

Keep with next

Word will ensure that paragraphs with this setting applied are kept on the same page as the next paragraph. Very useful for headings so that they are not stranded at the bottom of a page.

Keep lines together

Prevents the lines of a paragraph being broken across pages. All the lines of the paragraph will always be on the same page.

Page break before

Word ensures that this paragraph always appear at the top of a page. This setting is great for headings.

Pagination settings can be applied directly to paragraphs or used with styles. Using these settings with styles allows greater control in large documents. Word will control the text flow across pages for you, without you having to worry about inserting page breaks manually.

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