Mail Merge Rule with Multiple Conditions

Mail Merge can handle conditional rules such as If… Then… Else… to display different text depending on the information in the data source record. Normally these rules are quite simple tasks such as; if the member joined within the last month, or if they have a family membership.

Sometimes though you may need to use multiple conditions. For example, you may want to check if a member of a club had a Gold, Silver or Bronze membership. The new price of their membership depends on what membership they have.

Begin by inserting a basic If… Then… Else… rule. This gives you a head start with typing the rules by inserting the structure of the condition. It’s easier to expand on this rule, than write one from nothing.

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Change the Default Font in Microsoft Word

Change the default font in Word to prevent having the change it every time you create a new document.  The default font in Word 2003 was Times New Roman and size 12. In the more recent Word 2007 and 2010 this has now been changed to Calibri size 11.

To change this;

  1. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Dialogue Box Launcher button in the corner of the Font group to open the Font dialogue box

Dialogue Box Launcher button in Font group

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Protected View in Office 2010

Protected View in Office 2010 is used to open any potentially dangerous files in a restricted mode to protect your computer. This includes files from the Internet, potentially dangerous locations and also attachments from email.

Whilst doing a good job in today’s environment of working online and social networking, of protecting your computer. Many people find this over protective.

Fortunately these settings can be customised to match your requirements. This will prevent having to click the Enable Editing button on the yellow Protected View bar at the top of the screen when a file loads.


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Working with the Picture Anchor Tool

After applying text wrapping to a picture in Microsoft Word you may have noticed an anchor icon appear. This anchor will only be displayed if you have your Show/Hide button switched on to see the hidden characters.

The picture anchor tool

This icon is used to anchor your picture to a paragraph so that if the paragraph is moved the picture moves with it.

This feature works great when you are describing an image such as a screenshot or a diagram in your paragraph text. By anchoring the picture to a paragraph you will ensure that they remain together and are never separated across pages.

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