Use Presenter View in PowerPoint

Ever wondered how you can view your PowerPoint speaker notes during a presentation without your audience seeing. Maybe if you could check your email while the audience watch a video embedded in your presentation. This is all made possible with Presenter View in PowerPoint.

Presenter View enables you to view your speaker notes on screen while the audience view the presentation on a different screen or projector. Presenter View also gives you easy access to useful slide show tools to navigate slides, pause the presentation and view the time taken so far. Continue reading

Play Music Across the Slides of a Presentation

By default music in a PowerPoint presentation will end as soon as the slide is changed. The good news is that this can be changed. From PowerPoint 2007 it is now even easier to play music across the slides of a presentation.

  1. Click the Insert tab of the Ribbon
  2. Click the Sound button and select Sound from File
  3. Locate the music file you want to use and click Ok
  4. Choose the have the sound play Automatically or When Clicked

When should the music begin

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Create a New Slide Layout

PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 make it easy for you to create new slide layouts in the Master Slide view of a presentation.

PowerPoint contains 9 different slide layouts which cover most situations. However the ability to create your own gives you the power to create unique PowerPoint templates that are built for purpose.

Many people use PowerPoint as a reporting tool and like to use charts to show the performance of the company, a product or a service. It may be that you want to create your own slide layout that incorporates two chart placeholders and a text box for bulleted points.

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Protected View in Office 2010

Protected View in Office 2010 is used to open any potentially dangerous files in a restricted mode to protect your computer. This includes files from the Internet, potentially dangerous locations and also attachments from email.

Whilst doing a good job in today’s environment of working online and social networking, of protecting your computer. Many people find this over protective.

Fortunately these settings can be customised to match your requirements. This will prevent having to click the Enable Editing button on the yellow Protected View bar at the top of the screen when a file loads.


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Import Slides from Another Presentation

PowerPoint contains an in-built feature for you to import slides from another presentation. This is very useful as quite often you need to reuse a slide that already exists on another presentation.

To do this;

  1. Select the slide in the presentation before where you would like the inserted slide(s) to appear
  2. Click the Home tab of the Ribbon
  3. Click the New Slide drop down arrow and select Reuse Slides

Import slides from another presentation

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