4 Secret PowerPoint Tricks to Make you a Pro

This blog post uncovers 4 Secret PowerPoint Tricks that will help you to deliver effortless and high quality presentations. These 4 tricks are some of my personal favourites (PowerPoint has many useful tools).

These 4 tricks are easy to use, but will make Massive differences to the way you develop and deliver PowerPoint presentations.

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Embed Fonts in PowerPoint File

If you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation with others, you may decide to embed fonts in the PowerPoint file. This will ensure that others can use those fonts, even if they are not installed on their machine.

If you have used a custom font that another user does not have, it will be replaced by the default font on their machine. The presentation will then have an inconsistent look to it.

Be aware that embedding fonts in a PowerPoint file will increase its file size. However this is typically a small price to pay for a consistent and reliable presentation. Continue reading

Create a Looping PowerPoint Introduction

This blog post looks at how you can create a looping PowerPoint introduction. This is when a few select slides are set to loop continuously before the main presentation begins.

It provides something for the audience to watch whilst they are gathering in the room. It can be a useful technique for creating a buzz, and setting the expectations for what is to follow.

To do this we will need to create two custom shows. One for the looping introduction, and another containing the main body of the presentation. We will then need to link the two shows so that the presenter can easily exit the loop and begin the presentation when needed. Continue reading

Top 5 Essential Microsoft Powerpoint Tips and Tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint has revolutionized the delivery of presentations so much so, that it even has its own epidemic – ‘death by PowerPoint’.  This is not so much a result of using it to support presentation but relates to how people use it.  There can be no argument that if used correctly, PowerPoint can turn the most amateur of presentations into ones that are sleek, modern, and digitally useful.

Although PowerPoint training is recommended, here are some essential tips and tricks for anyone using PowerPoint 2010.

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PowerPoint – Display Pop Up Text on Mouse Over

Display pop up text on mouse over of an image or some other object in your PowerPoint presentation. This creates a nice effect similar to what you experience on the web when you hover the mouse over an image.

By creating this pop up text window, the text is only displayed when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the image, rather than displaying it permanently on the slide. This will save space and can be great for interactive presentations such as quizzes.

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The New Eyedropper Tool in PowerPoint 2013

A brilliant new feature to PowerPoint 2013 is the eyedropper tool. The eyedropper tool allows you to match colours between objects on your slides. This could mean copying a colour from a picture and applying it to text on your slide.

This tool makes it easier to create fantastic looking cohesive presentations. Matching the colours of your fonts, images and other objects has never been so easy.

Using the Eyedropper Tool

The example below shows the title slide in Slide Master View (Find out more about working with slide masters). Using the eyedropper tool we will copy the colour used for the text in the NST logo, and apply it to the slide title text currently in black.

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Use Sections in PowerPoint 2010

Sections is a new feature to PowerPoint 2010 making it easier to organise and manage the slides of your presentation. By adding sections to your presentation you can group slides under meaningful names. This makes it easier to work with the slides of a large presentation as each section can be hidden and shown as and when required.

Sections can also be used for better collaboration with other members of your team. Ownership amongst a team can be distributed by section rather than a selection of slides. Continue reading

Change Presentation Slide Numbering to Start From 0

When inserting slide numbers at the bottom of each slide of a PowerPoint presentation, it is common to remove the slide number from the Title slide. However the numbering begins from number 2 on the second slide.

If you want the slide numbering to start from number 1 on the second slide. You first need to remove the slide number from the Title slide, and then set the presentation slide numbering from 0. Continue reading

See Two Presentations at the Same Time

It is very easy to see two presentations at the same time in PowerPoint. This can be useful to compare the two presentations.

It may be that you need to compare last years presentation to this years, or to check a colleagues version against yours. Whatever the reason, fortunately there is a feature to view the presentations side by side on screen at the same time. Continue reading

Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

The photo album feature of PowerPoint makes it easy to create a presentation displaying photos of an event or topic that can be shared with friends and family, or saved for your own memories.

PowerPoint makes it easy to create a photo album allowing you to change the album layout, theme or picture order at any time. Continue reading